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a coming of
(middle) age blog

a coming of (middle) age blog

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Tassie Kalas writes humorous short stories inspired by her big, fat, Greek life, about growing up and growing older, facing the mirror and laughing without fear of the future.

Her work can be found in Laugh Out Loud, 40 Women Humorists Celebrate the Then and Now…Before We Forget, an anthology which was named a finalist for one of the best humor books of 2019 by the Next Generation Indie Books Awards program.  

She’s been published in The Ocotillo Review, volumes 2.1 and 2.2, and How I Got Published and What I Learned Along the Way, and was awarded Honorary Recognition for two stories featured in Outside the Window-Tales of the World. She’s a member of the Houston Writers Guild.

A native Houstonian, she appreciates air-conditioning and making people laugh. She enjoys visiting her three grown children, wherever they are, taking long road trips with her husband, and collecting more embarrassing stories to share with unsuspecting readers.


of mice and women

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don't leave me to run this rat race alone


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my daughter IS saving her toes
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erma and the bag lady

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never stop purse-suing your dream

A collection of short stories, inspired by my big fat Greek life

American ninja warrior

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love you to the moon and back

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Eugene Cernan

beauty and the badge

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Shannon Dresser

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