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Northern Heights

I’m so excited to share my new story with you! It won Honorable Mention in the Houston Writers Guild contest about travel, “Outside the Window-Tales of the World,” available on Amazon.  Get a copy of the anthology HERE.     I swore this would be the last time I’d go out on a limb for […]

January 13, 2019

Short Story

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Splits Happen

*So excited to be one of the authors included in this amazing literary journal!  I even got the opportunity to share my story at the Ocotillo Review launch party in Houston.  (Everyone and my mother was there.)  Hope you enjoy my first flash fiction piece, Lickety Split, about a mother and daughter who stretch themselves to […]

February 11, 2018

Short Story

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Baby Steps

My daughter and I have a love-hate relationship. She loves to interrogate me at length about my past, her favorite subjects being my most embarrassing moments and the opposite sex. She lectures me on being an overprotective parent and tests how high she can raise my anxiety before I detonate.  She feels I should be […]

May 5, 2014


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